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Report On Clay Creation Spring Activity- Class II- Sep 17, 2021

“Clay can be dirt in the wrong hands, but clay can be art in the right hands” -Lupita Nyongo

Keeping in mind the above lines Class – II organized “Clay Activity” to reinforce the concept of the spring season. The session started with an interesting story- session by the Class Teacher based on the spring season followed by the clay activity. The tactile hands-on nature of clay made students get engrossed while allowing for a high degree of creativity. Under the guidance and direction of their teachers, our dipsites came up with their ideas and stunning creations. The students worked smoothly and efficiently to fulfil their heart’s desires and fantasies. Their manipulation with clay provided an outlet for them to physically convey their emotions and reduce stress. They pounded, squeezed, rolled, and blended the clay to make some unique and amazing creations of the spring season scene like flowers, butterflies, clouds, sun, bushes, trees, birds, etc., and displayed them with pride. This outstanding sensory activity enhanced dexterity, gross and fine motor skills, it helped to boost the self-confidence of the students. The finished product at hand was a treasure to cherish for our dipsites. They experienced the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.