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Reflective workshop on gender identity, cyber navigation & wellness- may 17- 22, 2022.

The workshop: Gender Identity, Cyber Navigation & Wellness was planned under the Child Protection Policy module of DPS Greater Faridabad planned and developed by GRASP keeping in view 3 reflection thoughts:

● One of the first goals of the workshop was to facilitate psycho-social awareness of Gender, Gender Identity and Gender Expression. The youngsters were introduced to the ever-changing dynamics of the society that are required to function in a progressive world including how sex and gender carry different connotations, how gender identity and it’s expression could be different from birth-assigned sex, etc. Further, the larger aim of this workshop was to encourage a support-group like environment in the classroom where there is practice of respect and safety at all levels including respect for different forms of gender identities and their expression.

● In the second part, the agenda of the workshop was geared towards introducing the concept of Cyber Navigation and Cyberbullying to our young students. Given their level of access, involvement and exposure to digital devices and social media, it was considered rather imperative to help the young ones understand the meaning, types and impact of Cyberbullying. Moving with the flow of the workshop, The Information Technology Act, 2000 with special emphasis on cyber safety and navigation was introduced to the students to help them understand the legal  implications involved in varied forms of digital communication.

● Concludingly, the workshop ended with a message on creating a class culture of progressive thinking, acceptance and respect for all diversities.

Throughout the interactive workshop, students indulged in reflective discussions, sharing of experiences and ideas. We received an overall feedback of 4.5/5 from seven sections of Class 9 based on content, relevance of information and facilitator’s involvement and presentation style.