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Red Day Celebration Class: Nursery

Colours symbolize life, optimism and happiness. To introduce our little Dipsites to the mesmerising world of colours, DPS Greater Faridabad celebrated Red Day for the students of class Nursery on Thursday, April 9, 2020. It was a dazzling celebration as the teachers and students participated wholeheartedly over the online session to make the day memorable. Our little angels looked alluring in their red outfits and the shades of red made them feel lively and cheerful. They enthusiastically participated in the game called ‘Treasure Hunt’ and looked for red colour objects around them. One could see the excitement and spark in their eyes as they showed the red object to their teacher. The little ones very excitedly traced their hand on a sheet of paper and pasted a ‘bindi’ on it with every red colour object pulled out by the teacher from her ‘Magic Pitara’. The students were also thrilled to make a heart using bud printing and presented it to their mother with love and warmth. The active participation of the young learners in all the activities helped in reinforcing their fine motor and cognitive skills to a great extent. The story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ was also shared to enhance their listening skills. Our enthusiastic tiny tots could not resist dancing on a rhythmic action song played by the teacher.

The little Dipsites witnessed a spectacular Red Day with their faces reflecting brightness, love and happiness.