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Raman National Award 2020

Science is a way of life. It is the logical, rational way of explaining things happening around us, and all over the universe at large”.

It was one of the most memorable days for three of our students-Sharmistha Dubey (Class 8), Anusha Sharma (Class 8) and Pritish Khatri (Class 5) who presented their creative and experimental skills to develop experiments with low cost and household materials at Raman Awards Nationals 2020.

Experiences shared by the finalists!

RYSI (Raman Young Science Young Innovator awards) was a great and an extraordinary experience was me. It was not just a mere competition but it was a world for me to explore and feed my curiosity for science. When we had the morning session, we were asked to make an innovative hand zone on the topic sound by using accessible and affordable materials. The topic was given on the spot. The event started dot at 10:00 pm and we were apprised by some rules and regulation to be followed throughout the event. So I made the experiment relating density and pitch by using four solutions as follows- vinegar and water solution, turmeric and water solution , baking soda and water solution and last solution was water only. After submitting my project; I had an interaction with the judges and that moment was spectacular for me as They told me some new terms and ideas that I could use to learn more about the topic. That session was an eye-opener for me to explore more and never stop learning. After that was the heart shaking moment for me and that was the result declaration. I could not win but that experience made me realize that participation is more important than winning because just a 5 minute interaction made me investigate more about sound that I wasn’t aware of. Though being conducted virtually; this event was perfectly timed and scheduled. I congratulate all the winners and participants. Also from the very bottom of my heart I would like to thank the RYSI team, my science teachers and, of course, our beloved Principal ma’am for inspiring me always. RYSI was really enthusiastic and a thrilling experience for me.
-Sharmistha Dubey – Class 8

29thOctober 2020 was the most memorable day for me as on this special day I had my RYSI Finals. All over India, 105 finalists participated in this competition. The topic was to be given on the spot, so I had practiced many experiments based on different topics before the final day. On the Final Day, the topic given to us was Kitchen Science. I thought a lot and finally came up with an experiment on Fun with Forces using kitchen material such as Turmeric, Salt, Water etc. After doing the experiment, we had to make a video and sent it to the RYSI team. After that there was a judgment session, they did a lot of cross-questioning and it was a good experience to answer them. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. It was a good experience from gathering materials for the activity to practicing various experiments and making final projects in the Nationals.
-Pritish Khatri – Class 5

It was a first time experience for me to participate in a national level science innovation competition. This really helped me to think beyond boundaries. My overall experience was wonderful and I realised that science is indeed full of fun.
Anusha Sharma – Class 7