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Rainbow Salad Activity- Class II- July 20, 2021

“Investing in early childhood nutrition is a sure fire strategy. The returns are incredibly high”

July 20, 2021 was an exciting learning experience for the students of Class 2. The young Dipsites not only learnt to “Eat their Greens” through their “Short Reads Card”, but they also had fun making and satisfying their taste buds with the delicious “Rainbow Salad”. During the activity,  the teacher discussed and encouraged the students to inculcate healthy eating habits. Through the story of the Princess who did not like her greens, the students learnt the importance of eating healthy food in a play-way method.

Just like the beautiful colours of the rainbow, the students used fruits and vegetables of various colours to make the salad. The activity was not only a feast to the eyes but it also educated the students about the benefits of eating healthy fruits and vegetables. They were also made aware of how the different colours of the fruits and vegetables indicate that they contain different vitamins and minerals.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and even decorated their salads in various creative ways! Good Job Dipsites!