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Public Speaking Activity- Classes V & VI-Oct 30, 2021


Communication is the backbone of any society and public speaking is one of the most important forms of communication. Keeping up with the above thought, we at DPS, Greater Faridabad organized the final round of Inter – Class public speaking competition for classes 5 and 6 on 29th and 30th October,2021 . It provided an opportunity to our Dipsites to expand their creative horizon, confidence and presentation skills in a fun filled way.

The event began with a captivating and solacing performance by a twin brother sister duo who pulled the strings of our heart with their soothing voice. Students of class 6 presented their stories in the most interesting ways with proper dialogue delivery, voice modulation and expression. They exhibited their creative might and used props, pictures and placards to add charm to their performance. Every student was full of excitement and displayed his/her zeal with utmost conviction foregoing the inhibitions to speak in front of an audience. Students of class 5 showcased the best of their talent by writing and narrating beautiful and encouraging autobiographies of things such as a mobile phone, a tiffin box, a ten rupee note, an oil lamp and many more to name. All the students came up with unique ideas and well written scripts. All our talented prodigies came up with thought provoking and exciting ideas and articulated it well in their presentations and won our hearts. The event culminated with rewarding the winners with E- badges. Our Principal ma’am beguiled and motivated all the participants towards the end with her ever so influencing thoughts. She congratulated all the participants for their efforts and hardwork. Headmistress (Middle Wing) encouraged the participants to give their best.

The competition turned out to be a highly enriching, enthralling and a stimulating learning experience for all the participants.