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Programme Asia- Amazing Stories, Interesting Anecdotes- July 13, 2021

YIPPEE!Another feather added to the cap of DPS Greater Faridabad, as the primary and middle school students came together with full vigour and exhilaration to participate in a very innovative and well-conceived activity ‘ASIA-AMAZING STORIES, INTERESTING ANECDOTES’.  Yes! ‘ASIA’ is the new  initiative   which gives an opportunity to the inquisitive saplings from Primary wing to listen to the blooming story tellers from the Middle wing.

The programme ‘ASIA’ was launched on July 13th, 2021, when our budding story teller, Nysa Mishra, from VIII C armed with her props captivated her admirably curious audience from class 1 I, with her story  ‘Help Others And They Will Help You’.  The wonderful tale gave the little audience food for thought and some reinforced moral values.

The Headmistress Ms Ritu Jain witnessed the story telling session on the zoom platform.  She appreciated the efforts of Dipsite and wished the programme ‘ASIA’ a grand success.

We thank our Principal Mrs Surjeet Khanna for giving the Dipsites such opportunities where they can polish their communication skills and become more skilful and confident.