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Mr. Rohit Jainendra Jain

It feels like only yesterday when we were going through the rigors of getting Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad started, going through many problems and turmoils. Today, Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad has over 3500 students and is well launched into its Eighth session. The school, set up under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society is an endeavour of Hanumant Foundation to reach out far and wide and provide not merely the very best academics to our young generation but also the very best sports infrastructure as well as technological tools that would in turn ensure that we nurture the future of our children.

Times are changing today and we often hear things that worry us, as parents, as educators, and we hear ourselves asking the question…what can we do to ensure their future? And the answer is simple – education…and I don’t only mean sending them to school. Education is a never ending journey and has now come to have a more holistic connotation today. It is not merely the scholastic learning but rather the development of the person as a whole. It must now include the improvement of mind and body while steadily building a strong moral thread in our children for they define our nation. These dipsites would venture out tomorrow to lead the world in every facet and what we can endeavor is that we provide them with the right set of values and beliefs. Values not merely defined by our culture but also the values of humanity and brotherhood. We encourage freedom of thought and motivate them to ask questions, take up challenges and innovate; be receptive to their special needs, listen to their imaginations and inspire them to be whatever they want to be. We have lined up exciting programs that would cultivate our children’s personality. At this moment, it would suffice to say that we are committed to education as a whole and would extend ourselves to all limits to ensure the future of our children. I welcome all to DPS Greater Faridabad with a promise that we are committed to the future which is being shaped today.

Mr. Rohit Jainendra Jain
Pro-Vice Chairman
DPS Greater Faridabad