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Poster Making Activity By Ravi House- Class V-Jan 17, 2022

“Every citizen of India must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in this country but with certain duties.” – “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel” 

The Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties are sections of the Constitution of India that prescribe the fundamental obligations of the state to its citizens and the duties and the rights of the citizens to the State.

To imbibe the spirit of patriotism and to inculcate the values of our rights and duties, Ravi House at DPS Greater Faridabad organized a Poster Making Activity for Dipsites of Class– V. The activity commenced on January 17th, with discussion on ‘Fundamental Rights and Duties’ for Class V. Our main objectives were to enable students to appreciate their rights and duties and also to create model citizens of the future.

Students of class V took part enthusiastically in an activity fabricated especially to strengthen their perception of Fundamental Rights and Duties. They designed a collage depicting their view and understanding of rights and duties. The students displayed their artistic skills through an array of posters. It was a great opportunity to watch our students creating and displaying their ideas on paper. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.