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Pledge On Swachhta- Under The EBSB – Classes Nur & Prep- Aug 2022

‘Clean India is a choice, make it one voice!’

The beauty of India lies in the diversity of its people. It is India’s biggest asset and strength. Under the Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat’ program, students of classes Nursery and Prep did an activity named ‘Pledge on Swachhata’ in the month of August 2022. There was a beautiful exchange of the knowledge of culture, language and traditions of Telangana and Haryana state. A video of Swachhata pledge was played first in Hindi and students were told that one of the main languages spoken in Haryana is Hindi. Next, the same pledge was played in Telugu and they were told that Telugu is the language spoken by the people of Telangana. Through this activity, the young toddlers learnt that cleanliness is a good habit that we all need to nurture. They learnt about the importance of cleanliness and happily moved around in the school garden to pick and dispose any litter spotted. Our school DPS, Greater Faridabad is a ‘Zero Litter Zone’, was instilled in the young minds by taking a pledge. Overall, it was an enriching experience.