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Panch Prayag- A confluence of five elements – March 14th, 2024

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

On March 14th, 2024 under the luminous canopy of the evening sky, the grounds of Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad, transformed into a crucible of creativity, collaboration, and celebration for the Annual Day event titled “Panch Prayag- A confluence of five elements.” It was an evening where the ethereal glow of twilight met the vibrant aspirations of young Dipsites from Classes I and II, painting a tableau of dreams realized and stories told with unbridled enthusiasm.

The audience was guided towards ‘Avinya-An Innovate Fusion of Sci-Tech and Art’, the STEAM exhibition curated by 98 enthusiastic Dipsites. There was excitement and creativity everywhere. The projects, created by young tech enthusiasts of DPS, Greater Faridabad showed how dreams can become real through science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

The evening was graced by the esteemed presence of Ms. Namita Pradhan, the Chairperson of the Management Committee of DPS Greater Faridabad, as the Chief Guest. Her arrival served as a guiding beacon, steering the event towards its cherished ideals. Accompanying her was Mr. Rohit Jainendra Jain, the Pro-Vice Chairman, DPS Greater Faridabad, Mr. Chetan Jaiswal, Edupreneur, Founder of My Peegu, Tedx Speaker, academicians, bureaucrats, grandparents, and parents. ​

The programme proceeded with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries igniting the minds and hearts of all present. Amidst this tapestry of celebration, the school’s Principal Dr Bindu Sharma extended a warm welcome to the esteemed guests, encapsulating the achievements and challenges of the academic year 2023-24. She eloquently articulated the school’s visionary growth plan, underscoring its commitment to excellence and progress.

The school was adorned with exquisite decorations, creating an atmosphere of elegance. A magnificent stage had been meticulously arranged, complete with a professional-grade lighting and sound system to enhance the special effects. When all hands come to work together, masterpieces are created and shaped. It truly showed in the props that adorned every participant. Every detail, from the carefully crafted soundtrack to the music, lighting, costumes and expressions, contributed to the dazzling quality of the lively performance.

The core of the evening was a captivating performance called ‘Panch Prayag-A confluence of five elements.’ It depicted the significance of five elements—earth, water, fire, air, and space—that represent the things that make up our world. Furthermore, it underscored the imperative need to remain technologically adept while also advocating for the preservation of these fundamental elements that sustain both our planet and ourselves.
535 young Dipsites used dance, drama, and music to show how these elements are connected and shape our lives. Their performances were full of emotions and showed the power of nature.

As the Chief Guest, Ms. Namita Pradhan, took the stage, her words not only praised the efforts of everyone involved in the event but also sowed the seeds of encouragement and hope in the fertile minds of the young performers. She urged them to do their best, not only in school but also in life.

The Chief Guest, Ms. Namita Pradhan, accompanied by the Pro VC, Mr. Rohit Jainendra Jain, and the principal, Ms. Bindu Sharma, unveiled ‘Adamya,’ the 10-year anniversary publication of DPS Greater Faridabad.

The evening drew to a close with a heartfelt vote of thanks, from the Headmistress Junior School, Ms Ritu Jain, a tradition that knit the community closer, acknowledging every hand and heart that contributed to the mosaic of the night. The event culminated with the National Anthem, a resonant reminder of our shared heritage and values.

“Panch Prayag” at Delhi Public School, Gr. Faridabad, was not merely an annual day event; it was a celebration of the unstoppable desire to learn, the happiness of finding new things, and the strong connections within our community. It was an evening where every note sung, every step danced, and every word spoken, was a tribute to the journey of growth and the endless possibilities that await when we come together, dream together, and aspire together.