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Orientation And Familiarisation Day 2022- Apr 02, 2022

“School bells are ringing loud and clear. Tough time is over, school is here!”

Our school building came to life on April 2nd, 2022 with the much awaited pitter – patter of foot –steps of our little Dipsites. Chattering and laughter of our students, parents and teachers filled the air and surroundings with sounds of life. It was a moment of great pleasure to welcome our Dipsites and their parents on ‘Orientation & Familiarization Day – 2022’, marking the beginning of a new academic session, 2022-23. 

What makes this academic year different from every other year is how DPSGF family, the Dipsites, parents and teachers together, are all set for the new beginnings, new hopes and adventures, overcoming all the fears and anxiety of Covid 19 pandemic.

The session commenced with a beautiful video message from our respected Principal ma’am, Ms. Surjeet Khanna. Ma’am warmly welcomed our Dipsites and parents to the Online Orientation Programme- ‘Hand in Hand’. The words of wisdom have always been a constant source of motivation and support to all. This programme shared an insight of various aspects of child’s learning, teaching methodologies, hands-on learning experiences and a fair idea of experiential learning based curriculum for Classes Pre – Nursery to 4. 

This was followed by an offline meeting at school through “Familiarization Day – 2022” where our Dipsites exchanged a warm hello with their new class teachers under the programme –   “ Hello! to the new Class Teachers.” It also gave parents an opportunity to pose their queries and familiarize themselves with the school curriculum, co-scholastic activities, evaluation system and various clubs and activities.

Every nook and corner of the school was decorated beautifully. Interactive games and activities were well planned and executed by the sports teachers to engage our Tiny-Tots. It seemed like the whole school building, the corridors, every door and every window was happily welcoming our little ones all with a big invisible smile.

Dipsites were spotted playing in the Happiness Park, experimenting with the self – learning walls in the corridors of C-Block, creating wonderful things using blocks and beads, spinning the big spin wheel and enjoying their time near the sand-pit. It was indeed a promising start to the new Academic Year – 2022.