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Online Teacher Training Session On Writing Well- Organised By HRDC- May 13, 2022

An online training session- ‘On Writing Well ‘was conducted on 13 May, 2022 by DPSS-HRDC . The resource person, Ms Himali Kothari a freelance writer, corporate trainer and creative writing teacher at St. Xavier’s College Mumbai conducted a session to impart tips and inputs to befriend the written word and make it work for you. The session was very enriching as it focused on making the teaching and learning of writing skills more effective and impressive. The session covered areas like correct usage of vocabulary, sentence weaving and clutter in writing.

Essential information pertaining to writing well was covered by the resource person in the webinar.  Vocabulary is an important tool for anybody who wants to write well. She stressed on the usage of appropriate word than long and confusing words. One should beware of all the long, slippery new fad words as they are no better than short words. One must teach the students to look for right and perfect word and vocabulary than pompous words.

‘Complexity is the disease of writing ‘therefore, simplicity must be observed in one’s expression. In order to attain simplicity in expression clear thinking is inevitable.  A good writer is clear headed enough to see the fuzz. Thinking clearly is a conscious act that writers must force on themselves.

Clutter in writing was discussed intensely. The resource person discussed and explained ways to remove clutter and create a clutter free writing. We tend to create a sentence which is excessively cluttered that the reader, hacking through the verbiage, simply doesn’t know what it means. Switching pronouns  and tenses in the mid of the sentence may create confusion to a reader as to who is being talked about and when did the action take place .The solution of a clutter free writing is only simplicity of expression . One must strip every sentence to its cleanest component. Every word that serves no function, every long word that could be a short word , every adverb that carries the same meaning that’s already in the verb , every passive construction that leaves the reader unsure of who is doing what – these are some of the adulterants that weaken the strength of  a sentence . Finally, editing must be done before the final draft.

The resource person also talked about an editable app. -Hemingway Editor (earnesthemingwayapp.com). This app can be a great tool to help point areas of improvement and change in one’s writing. The training session was truly engaging and resourceful as it gave inputs on making our writing simpler, better and comprehendible for all readers. The learning of the training session will be implemented in the classroom teaching as well to enhance the writing skills of the students. The reference material sent by the organiser was shred with the teachers teaching English in the primary and middle school .The session came to an end with the address and of vote of thanks extended by the Director, DPS Society, Ms. Veenita Seghal .She shared her own experience of teaching writing skills to the students and encouraged the teachers to practice the same in their classrooms.