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Online Teacher Enrichment Session On Topic ‘Semi Conductors’- Organised By HRDC- Aug 12, 2021

DPSS HRD organised an online interaction session on “SEMICONDUCTORS” on 12th August 2021.

RESOURCE PERSON:Prof. SubhabrataDhar (Department of Physics IIT Bombay)

He started with his research activity going on under his supervision such as

Epitaxial layers formation for the semiconductor(GaN,InN,ZnOetc)

Fabrication: Device Fabrication and Patterning.

Understanding of 2D semiconductors,Magnetic- Semiconductors,optical and electrical properties semiconductors.

He discussed about the material Silicon:its crystal structure, Band Formation in solid and Band Gap, Doping of Impurity, Donors and Acceptors, Fermi Level etc. (i.e. All the basic concepts of semiconductors).

 After discussion on the Basic Topics he started discussing about Diode (LED, Photo Diodes, Photovoltaic cell) their energy gap and potential barrier.

Then after he discussed about new challenge in relation to semiconductor: to find a dielectric with high dielectric constant and with wide band gap and less tunnelling.

Over all it was a Good interactive session in which he enhanced our knowledge about the topic. Session ended with vote of thanks By Ms VanitaSehgal

Sidheshwar Pandey
PGT- Physics