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Online Swar Mala Activity- Class I- July 08, 2021

“There is no depth to education without art.” Amiri Baraka                                                                                                     

To strengthen the Hindi linguistic skills and enhance the creativity of our Dipsites, Class-I conducted an ‘Online Swar Mala Activity’ on Thursday, July 8th, 2021. The young Dipsites created a Swar Mala by joining colourful flash cards on a string and they wrote Swars (vowels) in sequence . They also drew related pictures to make it more presentable and beautiful. Waste materials available at home, were used for decoration which reflected the creative and artistic potential of our little ones. This activity enabled the young learners to enhance their hand dexterity and recapitulate the concept of- ‘Swar’. Overall, it was an interesting learning experience for our budding linguists.