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Online Story Telling Session Organised By Books En Beyond- Class I-Iv- Dec 11, 2020

‘Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.’—Robert McKee.

Children have an innate love for stories. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. A good story telling session can do wonders to a child’s imagination and can really work at enhancing his expression. With this thought DPS, Greater Faridabad in collaboration with Books en beyond  organized an online storytelling session on zoom platform for students  of classes 1 to 4 on December 11,2020.

Ms. Seema Wahi Mukherjee an amazing  story teller spellbound our young dipsites with her tales .As Ms Seema began her narration of “Stinky Sam Discovers A Secret”, a story for young children, she soon had everyone in the audience engrossed with her clever storytellingand they came to adore the character of the ‘Sam’ who was fun-loving and playful.After this story she narrated herother story A  Special Christmas Tale which children found to be a beautiful heart-warming story. They enjoyed the impersonations of different characters by the storyteller and seemed transported into an imaginary world! The lit up faces and mesmerized looks spoke volumes about the interest it had generated in the children. The session lasted for about an hour. Their feedback soon after the session was on the chat  ‘brilliant, epic, fantastic, amazing and…….fabulous’!

The experience had truly seemed to have worked its magic on them!