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Online Social Science Activity Class V

Education is not only learning of facts, but training the minds to think. In these times of crisis online learning has become integral to our teaching model. To make learning a joyous experience, the social science topics taught to class 5 were revised by the means of learning by doing. The students made interesting models of globe using newspaper and tissues to revise the concept of latitudes and longitudes. They drew the imaginary lines on the model and comprehended the concept of heat zones and grid in-depth. The activity proved to be a good way to test their previously acquired knowledge. The students further made or drew their favourite landforms and explained its features during the class. There was an enormous display of creativity with the use of best possible resources available at home. Confidently our young students explained the main features of landforms displayed by them. The strategic and active engagement of the students helped them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical endeavours, thus establishing a concrete learning.