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Online Parents Workshop

To understand the importance of phonics in early years, an e- workshop on phonics was organised for the students and parents of class Prep on Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Since language is an important skill for a child to learn and imbibe,the workshop aimed at educating the parents on ways of teaching phonics to their child within the peripherals of home. The teachers demonstrated in detail the importance and use of phonics, various methods of enhancing the language and different learning games that can be played at home to strengthen their vocabulary. Along with explaining the letter sounds, formations were also revised. Teachers introduced fun activities for learning CVC words and sight words and how to enhance the reading skills of the young Dipsite. It was an interactive session wherein parents queries including reading of sight words , mirror images and concentration building strategies were resolved.

Parents were happy and satisfied as they got an opportunity to understand in depth various tips and tricks to aid classroom learning in a personal environment.