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Online Diwali Celebration Class – I

“Happiness is in the air, its Diwali everywhere, let’s show some love and care and wish everyone out there.”

Diwali is celebrated to kindle the light of wisdom in every heart, the light of life in every home, and bring a smile on every face. To make our Dipsites understand the importance of Diwali, a week-long celebration ‘Diwali Fiesta’ was planned from October 25th– November 1st, 2021. It comprised of bunch of exhilarating activities. The online celebration began on October 25th, 2021 wherein the students of Class 1 watched the Story of Ramayana, followed by a short Quiz.  The movie ‘Ramayana – An ancient Indian epic’ brought out the essence of the festival. Students were demonstrated the significance of the festival – how good always conquered the evil, importance of values such as loving and respecting families, keeping our promises, etc. On October 26th, 2021 they were also introduced to the lesser-known characters of Ramayana namely- Jatayu, Jambavant, Urmilla and many more. The discussion was supported by a Power Point Presentation.

On October 27th, students made colourful and bright wall hangings, using colourful papers and decorated it using decorative material. The activity gave wings to the creativity of the students. They were also explained the hazardous effects of bursting crackers and were urged to celebrate the festival with candles and sweets. To add sweetness to the festival, little chefs prepared mouthwatering coconut laddoos on October 28th and mastered their cookery skills. They made colourful and healthy laddoos by adding food colours and dry fruits into them.

On November1st, 2021 Class Assembly on the theme- ‘Diwali’ was organized on the virtual platform. The young dipstes were dressed in vibrant colours to enhance the occasion. The students indulged themselves to sing songs and they also recited poems. Spectacular dance performances by our young energetic dancers and skits were the highlight of the event. The celebration helped each child to have a better understanding of the festival. The day concluded with all the teachers giving away the message of a clean, peaceful and a bright Diwali.