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“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, making mistakes and having fun.”

Playing and crafting with clay has always been an all time favourite activity for children. To foster the fine motor and problem solving skills of our little Dipsites, we at DPS Greater Faridabad organised an online Clay Moulding Activity, ‘Fun with Clay’ on Thursday, October 15, 2020 for the students of class Nursery. This outstanding sensory development activity for little hands gave them a platform to spark their creativity. Our little munchkins squeezed, rolled, pinched, flattened and blended the clay to make unique and amazing creations like fish aquarium, boat, butterfly, nature scene, dinosaur, tree, owls, vegetables, life cycle of a butterfly etc and displayed them with pride. The young learners efficiently and proudly showcased their heart’s fantasies using the vibrant colours of the clay. They very enthusiastically experimented with the building techniques and exhibited their creative talent in the most impressive manner. Teachers were spellbound by such remarkable creations and awarded e-certificates and badges for the same.

The activity helped in promoting self expression, imaginative and creative skills of our young Dipsites in a fascinating way.