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One Minute Challenge Activity- Nursery- Nov 11, 2022

“Good performance is about the capacity to focus and concentrate.” – Betty Buckley

We at DPS Greater Faridabad firmly believe that great achievements are possible through determination, discipline and focus. With this belief and to help our little Dipsites concentrate, think and learn to observe and discriminate, a ‘One Minute Challenge’ activity was organised for the students of class Nursery on Friday, November 11, 2022.  This was a fun activity wherein the students were required to identify differences in more or less two similar images, within a time limit of one minute. As the countdown began, our little munchkins buzzed with excitement looking for the differences in the given set of pictures. The dazzle and excitement in their eyes on spotting the difference made the activity exquisite. It was a delight to witness our little ones jump with joy as they accomplished the challenge in the given time frame. To add to the benefits, our young Dipsites learnt to persevere until the end using their problem-solving skills in the process. The active participation of the young learners not only entertained them but also helped them develop and enhance their visual discrimination skills.

It was indeed a great learning and reviving experience for our little Dipsites.