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Olympiad By Silverzone For Session 2021-22- Aug 2022

Students of DPS Greater Faridabad continued to enjoy high levels of success in the Olympiads conducted by Silverzone FOR  the year 2021-22. Our students over shined in International Olympiad of Science (iOS) and  International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM),International Information of Informatics(iIO) ,International Olympiad of English Olympiad (iOEL),Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad (SKGKO )with flying colours .31 students scored 100/100 and received the medal of OLYMPIAD TOPPER.65 students got Gold,Silver ,Bronze medals in various Olympiads.

The Principal Ms.Surjeet Khanna and the staff of DPS Greater Faridabad congratulated the participants as well as the winners for their sincere efforts and brilliant performance and wished them Good Luck in their future endeavours.