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Non Flame cooking report on Haryana and Telangana

‘Learning is experience. Everything is just information.’

To hone the culinary skills of our young Dipsites and also to create awareness of the traditional foods of the two states (Haryana and Telangana) under the “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” Project, Class I organized a virtual -“Non-Flame Cooking” Activity on January 28, 2021 and January 29,2021. The students were well prepared with the ingredients required for making a ‘Non Flame dish’ – Malida Laddu of the state “Telangana” and Green Chickpea salad of “Haryana”. They participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they doled out the nutritious and yummy delicacies of the two states. The young learners enjoyed the day by dressing themselves up in the traditional attire of the states, watching a video of the non flame cooking of Telangana, tapping their feet to the tunes of folk music of Haryana and also recapitulating their learning about the two states through a quiz. They displayed the dishes in an artistic and aesthetic way which seemed very appealing and was a visual treat which tickled everybody’s taste buds.