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National Science Centre’s Innovation Fair-2024

The National Science Centre’s 2024 Innovation Fair was a testament to creativity and forward-thinking, featuring a selection of groundbreaking projects from across the nation. Among the standout entries were three remarkable projects from DPS Greater Faridabad, chosen by a distinguished panel of judges. 

Led by students, Pritish Khatri, Suyash Srivastava, Aadit Singla (Class VIII), and Suharsha Bansal, Pritish Khatri (Class VIII), as well as Gokarn Suri and Ojus Sawhney (Class VII), these teams showcased their innovations with passion and confidence. Their presentations drew interest from a diverse audience, including students, educators, and entrepreneurs, who were eager to learn more about their projects and provide valuable feedback. 

In recognition of their outstanding contributions, each team received an honorarium of `3000/-, highlighting their significant impact on the Innovation Fair.