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“Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive and widely effective mode of saying things.” – Matthew Arnold

To spread the fragrance of poetry among our young Dipsites, a virtual event “Hindi Recitation Activity-नन्हेंकवि” was organized on August 13’ 2020. Students of Class Prep got a splendid opportunity to exhibit their talent and strengthen their oratory skills, to be able to gain confidence and be expressive.
The participants came up with unique poems on the theme ‘Patriotism’ and recited them with great fondness, zeal and love for their country. We were enthralled to see the videos of Dipsites reciting those poems with articulation, voice modulation and great amount of confidence. They used magnificent props to enhance their overall presentation.
We would like to appreciate and applaud the performance of all the participants and express our gratitude to the parents for extending their selfless support in this  wonderful journey of  nurturing young minds. Each and every heart was pounding with love for Mother India after listening to these beautifully recited poems.
Our Country is Our Pride !

Jai Hind.

IT FEST 2023