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Nanhe Kavi- Hindi Recitation Activity- Class Prep- Aug 29, 2022

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.”

To spread the fragrance of poetry among our young dipsites, ‘NANHE KAVI’- Hindi recitation activity was organised on Monday, August, 29, 2022. The students of class Prep got an amazing opportunity to hone their oratorical skills and gain confidence by expressing their thoughts. The participants came up with unique poems on different themes. They expressed their love for their country, nature, concern for the upliftment of the society with great zeal and fondness. It was an enthralling experience to listen to our young poets dressed in vibrant and colourful costumes and reciting the poems with articulation, proper voice modulation, magnificent props and great confidence. The event was a great success and each participant was appreciated and applauded for their wonderful performance.