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Ms.Sinjini attended HRDC workshop on April 20 ,2021

Webinar on ‘creating joyful classroom through the arts’

An extremely interactive and informative webinar was hosted by DPS Society HRDC on 20th April, 2021. The objective was to educate the present-day educators about integrating various art forms, especially theatre, into their subject material, with the aim of engaging the learners better, inculcating respect for diversity and encouraging critical thinking among the learners. The session was conducted by Ms. Shezia from the ‘Theatre Professionals Education’ group and attended by teachers of DPSS from various parts of the country. Ms. Sinjini Mukherji, PRT(English) represented DPS Greater Faridabad.

During the course of the webinar, the participants learnt about various ways to ensure an interactive as well as an engaging classroom by means of various theatre methods. All the partakers received hands on training about a multitude of techniques and activities like, ‘The Five Finger Questionnaire’, ‘Story enactment ‘and ‘Teacher in-role’ to name a few. All the activities were devised with a single objective, LEARNER ENGAGEMENT.

Furthermore, Ms. Shezia went on to explain how theatre can be included in any curriculum, in all subject matter across different age groups of learners to achieve various learning milestones laid down by the NEP 2020.

The session definitely came in as a beacon of hope in these difficult times, where schools have been forced to adapt an online approach to learning. It encouraged the participants to traverse the virtual boundaries, into the minds of young learners. It would definitely prove beneficial in not only creating a joyful classroom for the learners and facilitators equally but also for empowering the future citizens with Ethics, human and constitutional values.