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Movie Time Excursion Class: Pre-Nursery, Nursery

“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.”

As with fables and children’s stories, children’s movies are an excellent tool for educating them.  To cherish the special experience and to help foster social interaction and to create memories with our young dipsites of class Pre-Nursery and Nursery we at DPS Greater Faridabad organized the “Movie Time” on Thursday February 15, 2024. The students were shown the movie “PAW PATROL” at MSX Cinema Silver City Sector 12 Faridabad.

The students escorted by the teachers, enjoyed the spectacular movie on how a dog helps to protect everyone around in trouble thereby giving them a significant learning. The serving of popcorn was an added source of joy.

To add more excitement  to their fun filled day, a class picnic was also organized  in the school’s Happiness Park, where students enjoyed the party food, discussed about the movie and shared their experience.

The little ones were filled with enthusiasm, curiosity and excitement. They clapped and cheered!!!

A day well spent full of learning, fun and entertainment.