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Mother’s Day Celebration

We laugh, we cry
We make time fly!
Best friends are we
My mom and I.

Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family, who have the magic touch to heal all wounds and make all things beautiful.To glorify and pay a tribute to our mother’s unconditional love and their contribution in shaping our personalities, we, at Delhi Public School, GreaterFaridabad, celebrated this auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day on 8th of May with our Dipsites and their mom at home together as a family. For providing a refreshing, meaningful and unforgettable experience to our beloved mothers some activities were done during the live sessions by the teachers. Teachers made an earnest effort to instill the vitality of this precious motherhood by organizing a sequence of activities as a part of the celebration.

Dipsites of Classes III and IV immersed themselves in making their mom feel special on this special day. They wove their love by braiding the threads into a friendship band and decorated it with sequence, buttons, bells, roses and handmade flowers to signify their blooming relation with their BFF #Best Friend Forever-MOM! They tied this handmade friendship band on the wrist of their beloved mother. Thereafter, they rejoiced together by singing and dancing to the tune of the fun song, ‘BoomChicka Boom’.

Then the mom- student duo had a splendid time doing Zumba on the song ‘Mom’ by Meghan Trainer to the moves of our dance sir, Mr. Siddharth. The heartwarming feelings filled the air with intimacy and gratitude for our mothers – an embodiment of love and sacrifice.

As a whole, it was an enjoyable and memorable day for each and every child which left an indubitable mark on the innocent hearts. Three cheers to our Mom-Master Of Miracles!