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Mother’s Day Celebration

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers” -Rudyard Kipling 

With this beautiful thought in mind, Mother’s Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on the lush green grounds of DPS Greater Faridabad. Our Happiness Park came alive with the presence of all the dynamic mommies with their little ones beautifully dressed up as per the ‘Twinning Theme’ to exhibit the everlasting bond they shared with each other. This special day, the mommies stepped in the classroom to step into the shoes of their little ones and experience their world of learning. Their eyes sparkled with joy when they participated in the daily schedule of the kids. The energizing Chair Zumba pepped them up further. We were delighted to see them tapping their feet and nodding their head to the beat of music and enjoying every bit of it. Thereafter mothers and their children had a splendid time making and embellishing the bird feathers (paper craft) together which were later displayed on the ‘Wall of Art’. It was indeed a masterpiece . It was a pleasure watching all the mothers reliving their childhood by running around and actively participating in all the games namely Tug of War, Fire in the Mountain (Four Corners) and Ulta Pulta. The program came to an end with the spirited dance movements. The mothers and their children left for the day with the most beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime. The day left an everlasting impression on everyone’s hearts.