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Mother’s Day Celebration @ 14.05.2024

“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of mother’s love”” – Edwin Chapin

Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to honouring and appreciating the unconditional love of mothers was celebrated in high spirits and merriment at DPS, Greater Faridabad with the super mommies of classes Montessori, Pre-Nursery and Nursery.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, The Little Wonders Wing came alive with the gracious smiles of our little Dipsites and the lovely mothers, dressed up gracefully in twinning theme. Our Chief Guest Mrs. Shail Bala Jain, Founder Patron, DPS Greater Faridabad, graced the occasion with her presence and blessed the little Dipsites. She was accompanied by our respected Principal, Dr. Bindu Sharma and Headmistress Ms. Ritu Jain along with Ms.Sanjana Mahajan who wholeheartedly participated in the celebration. The program commenced with the energizing Scarf Zumba which injected a burst of energy into the atmosphere. Thereafter, mothers with the little Dipsites graced the ramp with elegance and style. One could see the spark in their eyes as they captivated the audience with their radiance. The air buzzed with excitement as thrilling fun games added zest to the celebration, igniting laughter with every engagement. To add to the enjoyment, mothers and little munchkins danced to the tunes of melodious music. Their enthusiasm and energy filled the room with joy and laughter. They had a great time capturing memories together at the beautiful Selfie Corner. The little ones showcased their love for the loving mothers by trying their hands on a creative heart-shaped craft and a mesmerizing presentation which left the moms spellbound. Mothers also demonstrated their creativity by decorating beautiful pieces of art. It was amazing to see how individual pieces were put together to make a magnificent masterpiece. This was followed by much awaited in-house party wherein mothers brought and relished each other’s dishes, prepared with love and care. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the party and each other’s company.

The highlight of the day was the ‘Queen Chef Contest’ which was organized for our lovely mothers to showcase their cooking talent. They enthusiastically participated in the same and eagerly awaited the results. Our renowned judges assessed the entries on the parameters of nutrition, presentation, taste and portion size. Winners were felicitated by our respected Principal Ma’am and Headmistress. It was truly a lively and heart touching celebration which reflected joy and happiness on everyone’s face.

The mothers left for the day with the most beautiful memories and the day left an everlasting impression on our hearts.