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Methods & Teaching Principles For A School Physical Education Programme- HRDC-Oct 01, 2021

The DPSS-HRDC organised an interactive session on the virtual platform on ‘Methods and Teaching Principles for a School Physical Education Programme’ for Physical Education teachers on 1st October 2021 where Mr. Sharad Panwar, Sports Faculty, Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad participated. Dr Sarita Tyagi, Professor at INDIRA GANDHI INSTITUTE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS SCIENCES was the resource person. She made physical Educators aware about developing children’s cognitive capacity in all academic disciplines. She also emphasised on the fact that Physical Educators should focus on educating children regardless of Athletic talent, physical and mental abilities or disabilities. She further added that a quality physical education program is the one that meets many goals and Standards like higher levels of overall fitness ,motor skill enhancement ,cognitive improvement, social skills and the ability to co-operate with others. Physical Educators learnt about creating an active learning environment for students by inculcating problem solving exercises, creating informal small groups, case studies, role playing in class and other activities. They were also taught ‘ How to create situations for students to make them involved physically and mentally’ in order to learn more and more effectively and in a meaningful way .So that, afterwards, students can co-relate their past experiences with their present ones for better results. It was suggested to form Sports Bulletin Board in the School gymnasium as well as on the School website where regular announcements can be made to promote community activities timely like recreational sports, dance classes, gymnastic programs & martial arts for students for their talent identification at the Grass root level which can then be nurtured further with the proper assessment ( Like Peer discussion, group projects, oral response, observation, debate etc.). It was indeed an insightful session that had increased our knowledge manifolds.