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Mathemania (Class IV- Quiz Competition)

“Mathematics is a great motivator for all humans……. Because its career starts with zero and it never ends (infinity) ”

To hone the quiz skills and develop the spontaneity and confidence among our students of class IV Mathematics Department organized an Inter-section Quiz Competition ‘Mathemania’ on 31st’ January,2024. Team of two students from each section was selected through the preliminary round.

The competition commenced with the explanation of rules and regulations which were emphasised upon in the beginning. Ten teams (one from each section) gave tough fight to each other.

It was a captivating four-round competition, including compulsory question round, visual round, rapid-fire round and riddles round. All the teams showcased their brilliance by answering the questions confidently. Some of the questions were quite tricky, but our meticulous teams tried to answer them with full confidence and zeal. It was an awesome show, very informative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants along with the audience. Some  interesting facts  were ready for the audience too which really added to their knowledge. Excitement and enthusiasm was in the air.

The delightful Dipsites of class IV participated whole heartedly. They were encouraged and well appreciated by our ever inspiring respected Principal ma’am and Headmistress ma’am, who praised and admired the energy, confidence, quiz skills and exhuberant performance of the participants. The winners were presented badges and applauded for their achievement. Each and every individual present there admired the overall conduction of the quiz competition.