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Manthan Coffee Catch-Up Brewing Strong

The Coffee Morning event ‘Manthan: Coffee Catch-Up Brewing Strong,’ focusing on the well-being of our young learners held at DPS Greater Faridabad on February 6th, 2024 was a delightful initiative aimed at fostering a sense of community and providing a warm atmosphere for interaction among parents and the resource person. The session, held in the cozy corner of the school library, provided a relaxed atmosphere for parents to engage in meaningful discussions.

The event saw a commendable turnout, with a significant number of parents participating. During the event, Dr. Bindu Sharma, our Principal, and Ms. Ritu Jain, the Headmistress of the Primary Wing, graciously shared their insightful perspectives.

Dr. Leena Ralhan Kashyap, Life and Wellness Coach & Relationship Counsellor, led the one-hour session. Her expertise in child well-being created an interactive atmosphere, encouraging parents to actively participate in the dialogue. Topics ranging from emotional health to fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for our children’s holistic development were brainstormed over a cup of coffee and slice of cake.

The ‘Manthan’ initiative continues to serve as a valuable forum for nurturing the well-being of our students, ensuring that parents are well-equipped with the insightful strategies needed for a collaborative effort in supporting their children.

The parents enjoyed the session exchanging happy notes with each other.