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Magic Of Animation- Summer Camp 2021-22 For Classes III & IV- June 2021

#ITDepartment #SummerCamp #Cybercrew #Technology_At_Your_Doorstep #Magic of Animation #SWAT #SuperChargedDipsites

Dipsites of Class 3 & 4 are seen in action at “Magic of Animation” – Summer camp 21-22 -Technology at your doorstep 

“   Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn”

With this beautiful thought in mind, we introduced Dipsites to the fascinating world of animation where they bring life to characters with a story, animation and music. The students led a stepping stone to create their own animated story by using Scratch. The students participated wholeheartedly in the online session with great zeal and enthusiasm under the able guidance of Ms Jyoti Madan and Ms Ekta Dixit.

Students learned about :

  1. Components of Scratch GUI.
  2. Adding, Duplicating, Deleting, Changing size and costume of Sprites in Scratch.
  3. Changing the Backdrop 
  4. Motion, Looks and Events Blocks
  1. Saving and Opening a Scratch project

Stay tuned for more updates😊