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Madhu Madhukar- Hindi Recitation Activity- Class II- Dec 03, 2021

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” — Edgar Allan Poe

To spread the fragrance of poetry among our young Dipsites, “Hindi Recitation Activity- मधु मधुकर” was organized on 3rd December, 2021.  Students of Class II got a splendid opportunity to exhibit their talent and strengthen their oratory skills. The participants came up with endearing and heart-warming performances. Unique poems on several topics like ‘Patriotism ‘Trees’, ’Nature’, etc were recited by our students with great fondness and zeal.

The activity not only gave the students exposure to the world of poetry but also enhanced their speaking skills. They impressed everyone with their voice modulation skills, expressions and intonation. It was indeed, a great pleasure to watch our young Dipsites, reciting the poems with poise and actions using a variety of magnificent props. The efforts of the students were applauded by awarding them e-badges and e-certificates.