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Livening Up School Mathematics By Prof Dinesh Thakur- June 16, 2021

Prof. Dinesh addressed the faculty of DPS schools about strategies and examples that can be incorporated in our teaching to make Mathematics fun and logical. He suggested that usually students only cram the methodology of attempting solutions to regular course textbooks, so bright students do not get to think critically and appreciate the beauty of Math via self exploration.

During the session, he took up various topics that are covered in classes 9 – 12 and gave examples that can be included while explaining the concepts so that students get shocked and try to figure out the contradictions if any on their own. Also, adding inquisitiveness of higher mathematics that is studied in undergraduate courses during classes will make students want to opt Math and pursue the same academically.

Few of the topics that he touched upon are : Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Number Theory, etc. Professor also suggested that wherever possible to tell students different ways of proving or attempting the same problem. He also pointed out that we must tell students the methods that super computers use for computing calculations differently than the ones taught in school. Also, we must research along with students the real life applications of topics being taught in school like cryptology, in Amazon, etc. This makes students curious and would help them to pursue application based Math.

During the question answer session, he addressed that there are no magical answers as how to motivate students and generate interest in Math. We all have to individually figure that out, but the bright students must be given challenges and help them see Math beyond school textbooks because they are the future who can pursue Math later in their lives.