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Little Picasso-Colouring Activity- Pre Nursery- Feb 24, 2023

 “Children love to play with different colours”

Keeping this beautiful thought in mind and to enrich creativity in our young Dipsites, we at DPS Greater Faridabad organized a colouring activity, ‘Little Picasso’ for the students of Pre-Nursery on Friday, February 24, 2023. Our young learners thoroughly enjoyed dabbling with bright and beautiful colours and made the pictures come alive. They zealously participated in the activity by filling vivid colours in the given image and one could sense the wave of happiness in the air. The choice of colours were remarkable and every artwork caught our eyes in its own unique way. The activity helped not only in promoting colour recognition, self-expression and fine motor skills, but also reinforced the concept of focus and unleased their creative thoughts in an enchanting way. Our little Dipsites experienced a fun-filled learning day with an everlasting smile on their face.


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