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Little Artists At Work- Prep- May 06, 2021

“Every child is an artist by nature –Pablo Picasso”

Keeping up with this thought, we planned an intriguing and enjoyable colouring activity ‘Little Artists at Work’ for the budding artists of Class Prep in which they could exhibit their hidden creativity. It was organized on Thursday, 6th May, 2021. Learners were encouraged to showcase their colouring skills in the given picture using vivid choices of colour combinations and proper strokes. Each one of them enthusiastically participated and showcased their creative hands by filling the picture with colours of happiness, and it was indeed a treat watching our little creative minds doing it with so much passion and ease. This activity helped in promoting self-expression, instilled choice of colour combinations, developed fine motor skills and concentration .The artistic expression  and creativity of our young Dipsites had an aura of confidence worth praising.