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Learning About Language Assessments- Webinar Organised By HRDC – June 09, 2021

Formative Assessment webinar was organized by DPSS HRDC on June 9, 2021. The session was attended by 140 teachers and was led by Prof. Lina Mukhopadhyay, Department of Training and Development, The EFL University, Hyderabad. Prof Mukhopadhyay was introduced by Ms Vanita Sehgal, Executive Director, DPSS- HRDC.

The overview of the webinar was

  • What is the relationship between teaching and testing / assessment?
  • What do the terms tests, assessments and evaluation mean?
  • What are items and item types?
  • What are modalities?

Prof. Mukhopadhyay took us through- What do Language tests measure, different types of assessments for classrooms and Achievement Tests and Assessments which included Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. The two-hour long session was very informative and knowledgeable. It apprised us through the assessment flaws and mistakes generally done due to the existing conservative examination system, mostly preferred by educational institutions. It needs to be amended with several alternative ways of assessment such as identifying learning issues and conveying to the learner and help him / her work along with it to progress.  Various combinations can be used to suit leaner needs: ’triangulation’. The responses that we get from each of these tools have a lot of potential to track growth and build valid learner.

The session had Question/Answer session, which was very aptly answered by Prof. Mukhopadhyay.   Ms. M. Sudeshna,  Ms. Nita Kumar, HRDC and Ms Vanita Sehgal  had a brief  discussion before ending  the webinar.