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Kie Po Che- Kite Decoration Activity- Class Nursery- Aug 12, 2021

“Let your dream fly like a kite and see where it’ll take you.” – Katrina Mayer

With this awe inspiring thought in mind and to help our young Dipsites give wings to their imagination, we at DPS Greater Faridabad celebrated ‘Kie Po Che’, a kite decoration activity over an online session for the students of Nursery on Thursday, August 12, 2021.It was an exquisite activity wherein our little ones participated zealously and it also helped in unleashing their creative energies. The students were given the opportunity to design and decorate their own kites, exercising their choice of material and technique. Kites of varied shapes and sizes inshades of tricolour brought out the creative facet of the students. The use of decorative material such as stars, bindis, mirrors, and above all, waste materials etc., remarkably blended with fascinating techniques like spray painting, cotton dabbing, tearing and pasting and vegetable printing resulted in scintillating display .The beautiful and striking kites adorned the screens. Through this activity our little munchkins were acquainted with the significance of Independence Day and the tricolour. The dazzling smiles of the little ones radiated pride and added to the charm and beauty of the session. The activity not only inspired our young learners to think and work creatively but also enhanced their aesthetic excellence.


Our little Dipsiteswitnessed a spectacular day with an enriching experience and opportunity to demonstrate their creative as well as patriotic spirit.