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The festival of Janmashtaminot only awakens our soul but also enlightens our spirit byreminding us of the presence ofLord Krishna and his blessings on Earth.”

In the present scenario of social distancing where visiting temples to witness the beautiful decoration and display of Krishna’s Ras Leela was quite impossible, we couldn’t keep our little Dipsites of Classes Nursery and Prep from having the pleasure of visiting these beautiful sites through a Virtual Trip to Lord Krishna’s Birthday Celebration, on Monday August 10, 2020 in our online sessions.
The beautiful day started with an interactive session between the students and teachers on Janmashtami whichwas followed by the virtual tour of temples and jhankies depicting various Rasleela’s of our beloved Krishna Kanhaiya.  To add more fun to this day Class Nursery organized a ‘Flute Making Craft Activity’and Class Prep enjoyed paper craft of‘DahiHandi’.
It turned out to be a wonderful site to look at our little Dipsites adorning the looks of Radhaand  Krishna. Some of them were beautifully dressed up as Gopiyan and Gwalas straight from Mathura & Vrindavan. The celebration ended with a cheerful dance session on foot tapping music of Krishna Raas. It was a day filled with happy memories of Lord Krishna’s life.

HaathiGhodaPaalki ! Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki !