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Intra Section Hindi Handwriting Competition- Class II- Sep 21, 2023

Handwriting is an essential skill. The loss of this skill is like loss of a language. It not only contributes to reading fluency but also improves understanding. To develop awareness and love for a good handwriting, Intra-Section Hindi Handwriting competition was organised for class II on September 21, 2023. All the students participated enthusiastically in the event. They were judged on the basis of formation of letters & matras, neatness, spacing between words, spellings and correct punctuation. The competition gave a platform to the students to display their competency of writing neatly and legibly. The importance of good handwriting was re-emphasized through the competition. It was a successful event and five Dipsites from each section were adjudged winners and were felicitated with special badges and certificates. The rest of the participants were given well done badges.