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Intra Section Ganit Samrat Competition- Class I-Nov 29, 2023

Class-I organized Intra-section Ganit Samrat Competition on Wednesday, 29th November 2023. The aim of the competition was to hone the Mental Math Skills and develop the confidence and promptness among the students. Dipsites from each class were selected through a selection round conducted on 28th November. A Rapid-Fire round was conducted for the finalists wherein they were asked Mental Math questions and 5 students with maximum correct answers in the stipulated time were declared as the winners. Students enjoyed giving quick answers in the rapid-fire round. The competition brought to the fore, our young scholars’ ability to solve complex arithmetic problems promptly and correctly. The delightful Dipsites participated whole heartedly and this was appreciated by our respected judges who praised the enthralling performances and admired the energy, confidence and mathematical skills of the participants. The winners were presented Motivators and certificates and were applauded for their achievement.

1A (2)
1B (2)
1D (2)