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International Yoga day Celebration @ 21.06.2024

Today, DPS Greater Faridabad embraced the spirit of health, mindfulness, and unity by celebrating the 10th International Yoga Day with enthusiasm and joy. The school field came alive with the serene and focused energy of students, teachers, admin staff, driver bhaiyas, and Didis, all participating in a collective yoga session.
The event, organized under the Annual Yoga Theme: “Yoga for Self and Society,” aimed not only at teaching yoga postures but also at fostering bonds within our school community. This day provided a wonderful opportunity for everyone to engage in a healthy and enriching activity while highlighting the immense benefits of yoga.
The day was marked by various yoga postures and meditative practices, guided by our expert yoga instructors. The serene environment and collective participation made the event a memorable one, highlighting the importance of incorporating yoga into our daily lives for personal growth and societal betterment.
As the session concluded, the sense of shared purpose and collective well-being was palpable, leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved. This day not only highlighted the importance of yoga in our lives but also reinforced the bonds within our school community, making it a truly enriching and memorable experience for all. Here’s to continuing our journey of self-discovery and societal harmony through the practice of yoga!