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Interactive Session With Nandita Basu- Classes V & VI Organised By Books En Beyond- Jan 21, 2022

 “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”- Anna Quindlen

An interaction with the author promotes students’ reading and writing growth and enhances their engagement through lifelong connections to books and their authors. Meeting authors in whatever feasible forum can encourage students in becoming writers.

We are delighted to share that an interactive session was organised by DPS, Greater Faridabad in collaboration with Books en Beyond on 21st January, 2022  . The students of classes V and VI had the privilege to interact and meet the famous author through a Zoom platform. Nandita Basu is a comic-book artist and a musician. She loves to daydream, eat gummy bears, play music and draw. She likes to have conversations with animals and children. She has had many great adventures in life, which she doesn’t like to disclose because she feels some things should just remain that way. She has written stories using the graphic medium like ‘Rain Must Fall ‘.The Piano, her first book, received wide critical acclaim. She vividly discussed and talked about her book ‘Rain Must Fall’ during the session.

The celebrated author shared her childhood stories and rich experience in life. The young Dipsites were completely enthralled by the witty author who discussed her journey in life as a writer. She had many words of encouragement and guidance for the young children to follow their passion in life and putting their ideas onto paper. The session came to an end with questions springing out of curiosity from the young and passionate minds of the Dipsites, which were answered by Nandita Basu to the utmost satisfaction of the curious minds.