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Inter Class Patriotic Group Song Competition- Class III- Aug 10, 2022

“National pride is to countries what self-respect is to individuals: a necessary condition for self-improvement”

Pride in one’s nation and love for one’s motherland are values which are of utmost importance in a model citizen. These values are best imbibed from early ages, to strengthen and shape the future generation of our country. With this as our focal point, an interclass  ‘patriotic group song competition’ was organized for the little dipsites of class 3 on 10th August 2022. It filled our hearts with pride to hear the various patriotic songs rendered melodiously by the classes. Each student of class 3, proudly flaunting the tri- colour on their wrists, serenaded the audience with the tunes of our love for India. The participants and the audience were equally drenched with nationalism. While some of the classes sang about the glory of our motherland, some paid a tribute to heroes who laid down their lives in service of the nation. Each, equally moving, each equally mellifluous. The whole atmosphere was charged with the national pride. The event was enjoyed thoroughly by everyone present.