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Infinity- Inter School Mathematics Competition In Association With BITS Pilani- Nov 20, 2020

Quiz contest encourages students to stretch their knowledge and look beyond what they are taught in classroom.INFINITY is an annual prestigious Inter-SchoolMathematics Competition organised by Aditya Birla World Academy in association with BITS Pilani. The objective of this quiz is to enable students to think out of the box and promote team play.It was an uplifting and intensely joyous celebration of mathematics.
First we had the Zonal round.It was the qualifier round which was held on 20th November, 2020 from which the top 50 teams from all the 4 zones in India and International Zone were  selected for the Final Round of Infinity on 15th and 16th January, 2021. Two teams were selected from our school for final round.Final round was graced with the presence of.Dr. James Tanton;(PhD. Mathematics, Princeton University)

Final Round was divided into four parts-

1) Clash of Mathematicians
It was an individual round.We were given a set of 30 questions; which we had to solve within an hour.

2)     Math Challengers
In this round all the teams were given a set of 10 questions. The team members had to work together and figure out the problems under an hour.

3)Pass the Baton
As the name suggests, this round was similar to a relay race. Teams were given a link to a folder which contained 1 open PDF and 5 password protected PDFs. The password to open the consecutive PDF was the answer to the previous question.

4) Bulb Your Ideas
The objective of this round was to promote creativity and collaboration in solving divergent, limited data problems in teams.

For this round, top 5 teams were selected from the 3 team rounds. These 5 teams faced off in a quiz hosted by Dr. James Tanton.

Our team was declared the infinity champion team of 2021.We were also  the runners up of Math Challengers Round and were also selected as one of the top 5 teams for Quizzitch. At the end of the quiz  Mrs. Neerja Birla, Chairperson, Aditya Birla Education blessed us with her kind words. Overall, this quiz competition was a huge triumph.