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India The Land Of Festivals- Assembly By Dipsites Of Class IV-C- Oct 18, 2023

Here at DPS Greater Faridabad we believe that celebrating festivals create a strong bond between students and our culture, and when it comes to Indian festivals the spirit is soaring high.

With this spirit our Dipsites of class IV –C conducted their class assembly on the theme ‘India the Land of Festivals ‘on Oct 18, 2023. The entire hall was decorated with different festive material which was prepared by the students and all the students had put in great efforts for the same.

Students looked very enthusiastic for the assembly. They came dressed up in colourful attire that represented different cultures of our country. The assembly commenced with Gayantri mantras followed by a lovely prayer which provided peace and serenity to minds and souls. A thought for the day explained the uniqueness of each individual followed by a well defining speech on importance of festivals in our life. The mesmerising dance performances showcased our rich heritage and the beautiful cultures of our country .The assembly came to its finale with the performance by all the students together on national songs which were like a cherry on the cake. Last but not the least there was a wonderful message and lots of blessings from HM ma’am, Ms. Ritu Jain. The overall performance of all the students filled the aura with the feeling of unity and patriotism. What a pleasure it was to be a part of this memorable event!