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Inaugural Session Of SITASH (Share Ideas Together And Soar High)- July 09, 2021

‘Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.’   -Sir Ken Robinson Ph.D.

We at DPS Greater Faridabadstrongly believe that coming together of young minds  from different schools will add on to the experience of exploring a diversity of activities and creative learning.Keeping this in mind our new initiative ‘SITASH’took its flight when DPS Greater Faridabadcollaborated with Model Academy Jammu.One more page in the history of DPS Greater Faridabad was created on 9th July 2021 with the inaugural session of‘SITASH,conducted online, ona Zoom platform. The programme started with the digital lamp lighting and enchanting of shlokas .  The audience was briefed about the programme “SITASH, by Nysa Mishra, a proud Dipsite, and thereafter the participantsfrom both the schools were introduced to the forum present on the Zoom platform.

After the introduction of the participants, Mrs Surjeet Khanna, the principal DPS Greater Faridabad addressed the gathering . She thanked the esteemed guests for their gracious presence. She urged the participants to go on with the enterprise and share their observations, emotions and ideas with each other. She said that SITASH will prove to be a powerful platform for the students to explore and learn. This was followed by a speech from the principal, Model Academy Jammu, Mr Pramod Srivastava, who appreciated the initiative taken by DPS Greater Faridabad and congratulated the Principal, Mrs Surjeet Khanna, for the same. He also expressed his gratitude towards DPS Greater Faridabad for providing the students the golden opportunity to learn through collaboration. He further stated that this initiative of virtual collaboration is first of its kind. The Vice Principal, Model Academy Jammu, motivated the students by saying that this collaboration will change ‘I’ into ‘we and through ‘we’ the students can achieve the target of their life. An interaction session followed the speeches where the exuberant participants introduced themselves and expressed how they felt being a part of the collaborative programme. The session came to an end with the vote of thanks extended by Garima Choudhary from class VIII, DPS Greater Faridabad.

The enthusiasm of the participant proved that ‘SITASH’ will not only develop higher-level thinking skills among the students, but also will boost their confidence and self-esteem.  It will be of great benefit to give students opportunities to collaborate within a virtual space, as that can have a positive impact on their interactions in the physical learning space as well.   Following well designed activities will take the students a notch higher and will develop their various skills.

 Class VI :  Writing and enactment of  a theme based skit 

Class VII :  Composition and recitation of the self-composed poems.

We wish to continue the partnership with Model Academy Jammu to facilitate and navigate the skills of the students from both the schools.